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SMARTLogix’s wireless tank monitors and automated dispatch tools have enabled our company to expand into new territories while increasing efficiency, simplifying office procedures and providing superior customer service.
Anthony Arcoria
Great Lakes Petroleum


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SMARTLOGIX is the leading provider of real-time petroleum management solutions designed to target the top pain points in the LTL Fuel Business.

  • Order/Transaction Processing Cost and Friction 

  • Over Servicing Tanks and Inefficient Routes

  • Quoted Pricing Vs Actual Cost of Service

  • Inventory Controls and True Physical Reconciliation

  • Planned Dispatch vs Actual Truck Routes

  • Seamless Integration of Technology 

SMARTLOGIX logistics solutions keep your petroleum distribution operation running smoothly by simplifying dispatch and tracking product movement throughout the entire delivery process. Real-Time inventory information generated from wireless tank level monitors, GPS tracking for enhanced fleet management, and exception reporting are just a few examples of the feature-rich SMARTLOGIX solution.   

As stand-alone solutions such as fleet management software and advanced level sensors or as a combined platform, SMARTANK, SMARTRUCK and SMARTLOGIX Professional Services provide the tools you need to out-perform competitors and increase your bottom line.

SMARTLOGIX Technology - Focused and Integrated for Competitive Sustainability.



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